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Posted by Dasun Allah on May 8, 2010

The COBO in nature is a vulture, specifically the Cathartes aura or the Turkey Vulture. Known as the “John Crow” in some parts of the Caribbean, in Trinidad and Tobago it is called the “cobo,” derived from the French word “corbeau” (which actually translates into “raven” another bird of significance to the original people of North America.) They are raptors. The cobo is used to symbolize the birds of heaven and the cleansing forces of nature (Revelation 19: 17-21).

BOBO, although it applies to a specific house of Rastafari, is generically used in this term to refer to the warrior-priest class and encompasses the spirit our ancient indigenous warrior societies and those of the modern age such as the Mau Mau of Kenya, Nyahbinghi of the Congo and the Dog and Wolf societies of the wilderness of North America.

The idea of “Cobo Bobo” occurred in November of 2005 in St. James/Port-of-Spain, Trinidad while traveling along with a local Bobo Rasta named Zebbie (Zebulun). I saw six cobo flying east and then shortly thereafter, another bird, a seventh that was much larger than the first six. When I returned home and asked my mother-in-law about the bigger bird, she said that it was a CONDOR! Having just learned of the Native American prophecy of the reunion of the EAGLE, which represents the north, and the Condor, which represents the south (http://tiny.cc/aq0pb), I saw this as a sign.

The chant of “COBO BOBO!!!” erupted from my mouth during the euphoria of this epiphany. Thus the war cry was born.

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Posted by Dasun Allah on November 12, 2007

As we travel through BABYLON’S HAMELIN, playing our pipes, so much ground has BEN covered as we gallop on four TROJAN HORSES of apocalyptic, apocryphal truth making mice of men and eagles out of chickens. In this day and age as FYAH MEN heat up spots and BLUE MEN groups perform theatrics for their COUSINS, it is refreshing to be a part of the decoding work, the unfreezing of a world stuck in a wardrobe. I am the LION.

Animated wheel

It’s funny how “I ain’t lying” is an expression in the “skreets.” They don’t know how truthful those words are. Many of us are far from Lion. It’s good that tomcats admit it. That’s all most of us are doing. Tomcatting, chasing the puss in hooker boots. Meanwhile, the pussycats are getting their eagle on.

It reminds me of when slang for money was ENDS. That’s really fucked up backward thinking. Money isn’t an end. It isn’t an objective. It is a tool. It is a means. It is a useful energy when properly administered, thus currency can be seen as an electrical current. On this river the power of commerce flows. But it is not an END. It is a MEANS. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it is a means of acquiring those things that do. It is a tool of trade. I need it to buy my bricks, and when the temple is built. I shall give thanks and praise to I N I industry.

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