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This is the birthplace of random thoughts that ran dumb thoughts to speak truth to power. A palace of prosaic graffiti where Hiphop journalistics windmill on the creative cardboard of computer screens. This is Frank Talk out of Soweto. Lion King seeking Mufasa in the ghetto. The genesis of revelations of contrite situations that spongebob in circular motions.

In this matrix we ascend from the abyss, rising to rule and ruling to rise. Wise scribes spout the mathematics and one plus one equals the seed to change three pieces of fish and small loaves into manna for the multitudes.


As a writer and creative artist, the DX 21, Dasun Allah has established himself as one of the top talents in the Hiphop media world. The former Editor-in-Chief of The Source has also served stints as head writer for the Star & Buc Wild Morning show during its ratings record setting run on New York’s WQHT HOT 97, and as a writer and associate producer during its Clear Channel syndicated-WPRR Power 105.1 based incarnation, in addition to being a part of the on-air team.

His work has appeared on MTV, allhiphop.com, Chuck D’s rapstation.com and his contributions to the Village Voice culminated in the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Cop” cover story in May of 2004. Dasun Allah is also a poet, playwright and screenwriter with a work in development with Hiphop Icon, Fab Five Freddy and Katia Lund (City of God) centering on an American rap artist finding his lost soul in Brazil.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. William said

    What happened @ the Kingdom Hall years ago?

    • It depends if you believe the mind doctors, the spin doctors or the bush doctors. It was either natural mystic or mania. The work of an apostle or an apostate. It was a visit from an ark angel or a departure for a madman headed to the psycho ward. Maybe Carl Jung would’ve had an explanation. Both Revelation 21: 3 and Matthew 1:23 say God will be with us, but when they see God, they deny. Holy Immanuel I, King Selassie I, Jah Rastafari!!! #cobobobo PEACE!!!

  2. Sahra said

    I wrote umbrella and I am fuck the fed up wit asshole nY shits not giving me back my Dews
    Is this poetry I like to call it pissed of Sahra

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