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Posted by Dasun Allah on August 2, 2009

I am trying, but I can’t escape the rhyme.

When I am writing the spoken word pieces the concepts come to me in rhyme and when I lose the rhyme I sometimes lose my momentum and it becomes awkward. The rhythm is lost, and even when I start without rhyme it eventually asserts itself.

My sister says that I shouldn’t fight it, that I am good at writing in the rhyme and should not fight my strengths… The path of least resistance. But should I conquer this?

I have had this discussion about escaping the rhyme since at least 2002, and I still find that as I move away from rhyme, I move away from potency of message and lose the strength of the stream of thought. The signal comes in words that rhyme, that’s how I hear it. And when I break from the rhyme, I am not writing what I am being told. I am doing something else and it isn’t as pure.

Why can’t I escape the rhyme?

Someone told me to write my thoughts as an essay and then build the piece from that. I will try that, but my method has been more organic, the rhymes come to me, the words flow and I stop writing when I stop hearing them and then I go back and dot i’s and cross t’s. Most of best work came to me straight and then I polished it. That’s why I have it hard working from outlines in my creative work.

In journalism, I can piece it together, but literary art flows, it is difficult for me to assemble.

Why can’t I escape?

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